When you're picking which beach at the Jersey Shore you want to spend a day at, it can be a tough call, right?

You could go somewhere like Belmar, or Lavallette that's a little more on the quiet side but still offers a lot of fun things to do for a day at the beach.

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Or you could head to Asbury Park, where you'll not only find a fantastic beach, but an amazing downtown area you can enjoy after you soak up some sun.

Or you could choose to spend a day at Jersey's best family beach Ocean City, where there's always something fun going on.

Those are all wonderful beaches for a day trip, but none of them are where you'll find Jersey's best boardwalk amusement park.

Photo by Chermel Porter on Unsplash
Photo by Chermel Porter on Unsplash

You don't have to go far to get there either, it's right in our backyard here in Ocean County.

What Is New Jersey's Best Boardwalk Amusement Park?

Whether you've lived in Jersey your whole life, just moved here, or only come once a year or so for vacation, odds are you've been to this Amusement Park before.

Not only can you enjoy the thrills of rollercoasters, tilt-a-whirls, and lots of thrill rides, but you can also enjoy the massive water park that's part of the park.

And if an amusement park and water park duo isn't enough for you, then you can really pump up the action and hit the go-kart track for some real heart-pumping fun.

According to Only In Your State, Jersey's ultimate summer day trip for the best boardwalk amusement park is Casino Pier and Break Water Beach.

Photo by Sadie Jensen on Unsplash
Photo by Sadie Jensen on Unsplash

It's a park where you can get a lot of bang for your buck and is constantly working to be a better and better place for family fun each year.

If you've never been, I'd recommend Pirates Hideaway. It may be a small coaster designed for kids for whatever reason it's not a trip to Casino Pier without riding it.

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