In 1987, Can't Buy Me Love was my FAVORITE movie. I really admired the film's star Amanda Peterson. She was gorgeous and so All-American. I styled my hair just like her and dressed just like her. She seemed the effortless type. The film would eventually become a cult classic, and become a launching pad for it's other star, McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey. But today, Amanda Peterson is dead at age 43.

loading... reports Peterson was found dead today at her home in Greeley, Colorado. Family had not been able to reach the actress since July 3 and became concerned.

No cause of death has been confirmed, but the star's father tells TMZ As for cause of Peterson experienced recent illness, and an ongoing problem with sleep apnea problem may have contributed.

In the past two years Peterson was allegedly treated for pneumonia, sinusitis and sleep apnea.

While I loved Amanda Peterson in movies like Annie and the short-lived TV series A Year in the Life (1988; also starred Sarah Jessica Parker), she'll forever be Cindy Mancini--the character who took Ronald Miller from 'totally geek to totally sheik'.

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