My Mom texted me, that actor Patrick Dempsey was moving to the small town my parents live in, just outside of Atlanta.

She sent me the Facebook article by "KFL 3 News, Your Local New Source". Sounded odd to me, so I did a little digging and it turns out, it's fake news.

When I Googled about South Jersey, it told me Dempsey had raced cars in Millville, but did not mention moving to South Jersey...nor Atlanta for that matter.


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There are many websites created in 2016 that look legit, but are NOT accurate. They provide "Share on Facebook" links at the top and bottom of the article, so you can perpetuate their site on social media. Read the fine print and you'll see that they are "satire" sites.

They list just about every famous person moving to small towns all across America, like Vin Diesel, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio and others. Check out this article from Huffpost.

Why do they do this? They want more social media sharing exposure for their advertisements. Stay skeptical my friends.

So, sorry Mom. Patrick Dempsey - nor any other famous person - will not be moving in next door.


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