Changes are happening to two Burlington stores in Gloucester County, and they're likely to mean fewer shopping deals.

Last year, Burlington announced its plan to expand its number of locations across the country. But even though the company wants to open more stores, it wants those stores to be smaller than what we're currently able to shop.

That decision has lead to a reduction in size for the Burlington store in Deptford (in The Court at Deptford off Almonesson Rd.), and a move to a smaller space for the Burlington store in Turnersville, Washington Township.

According to, the Deptford location's inside space has already shrunken down by half.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As for Turnersville, that location (currently in Washington Plaza) is going into the vacancy left by Office Max further down E. Black Horse Pike next to Target.

Signage on that empty Office Max was removed quite some time ago.


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Google Maps
Google Maps

Even though Burlington devotees will probably have less merchandise to choose from because of the smaller stores, but perhaps LESS merchandise will mean more QUALITY merchandise.

And, it's nice to see a company intent on using space that already exists in a community, rather than building anew.

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