A 35-year-old Burlington County woman has filed a lawsuit against an Acme store in Ocean County claiming she was fire for requesting time and a dedicated space to pump breast milk.

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Jessica Rasmussen was employed for three years as a deli worker at the Acme in Seaside Heights.

But when Rasmussen came back to work after the birth of her child, and requested breaks to pump breast milk and comfortable accommodations to do so, her supervisor reportedly said Jessica would be required to punch-out of her shift, and suggested going to her car to pump, according to her lawsuit. She's now suing for discrimination and retaliation, and seeking financial compensation. Rasmussen also wants her job back, reports NJ.com.

The lawsuit states: “Nonsensically, after punching out, she (was told she) would have to inform her manager where she was and what she was doing,”

After Rasmussen objected, she walked off the job, reportedly because she was told, “If you walk out to pump you don’t have a job,” according to the suit.
Rasmussen also claims she was subjected to verbal harassment by co-workers, and that she reached out to Acme human resources for help. Instead, she received a letter terminating her employment.
I don't know Jessica or what Acme's officially company policy is on breastfeeding (for employees and customers), but I have so many friends that have struggled with their employers about needed pumping breaks. But, there should be NO STRUGGLE, in my opinion, and certainly no shaming any mother who is breastfeeding.
NJ.com reportedly tried to contact the Acme in Seaside Heights, Ocean County for comment, but were unsuccessful.
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