A new breakfast spot with the word 'biscuit' in its name? We're already hungry!

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I grew up in Gloucester Twp., Camden County, so whenever I'm back in the area I like to drive around and see what's new and exciting.

This week, while visiting family in Blackwood, I noticed a new storefront along the Black Horse Pike (Route 168) near Davistown Rd. for Blair Mountain Biscuit Co. Ya know the little shopping center where Sap's Produce Shack and Custard Shack? Right there!

So, I did a little research.

Blair Mountain Biscuit Company, owned by Washington Twp.'s Ted Miller, will reportedly start serving up homemade 'drop' biscuits and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, according to 42 Freeway.

Can you imagine the kind of breakfast sandwiches you could get served on a Cheddar & Rosemary biscuit? Blair Mountain will even offer vegan biscuits.

And it sounds like the biscuits won't be the only item Chef Miller will be making from scratch. House made sausage, sausage gravy, and pepper gravy are also on the menu at Blair Mountain.

By the way, Ted Miller was the executive chef at Bluemont Vineyard. We hear that's where he invented his drop biscuit recipe. He ended up in South Jersey after meeting his now fiancé, Tori.

Blair Mountain's Classic Chicken Biscuit Sandwich, created from piece of chicken breast that's been brined and smeared with the eatery's own specialty sauce, will take the South Jersey chicken sandwich wars to a new level.

Blair Mountain Biscuit Company plans to launch a soft opening, 42freeway.com reports, as early as this weekend, and will be open Monday-Friday 9a to 3p, and Saturday and Sunday from 10a to 4p.

Congratulations to Chef Ted and Tori!

SOURCES: 42freeway.com; Blair Mountain Biscuit Co./Facebook

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