The Brigantine City, New Jersey Mayor and City Council have formally joined United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina, and a chorus of other elected leaders in calling for a pause in any offshore ocean wind development projects.

At their January 18, 2023, regular city council meeting, they passed a resolution calling for a moratorium until federal and state authorities can conduct a proper investigation.

Some believe that the unprecedented number of whales washing-up dead along Atlantic City, Brigantine, and elsewhere is due to the mapping process explosions causing confusion with the whale's own communication and navigation systems.

Others contend that the deaths are the result of boats hitting whales.

The Brigantine City Council voted yesterday to call for an immediate moratorium until further study can be made.

"There are a number of environmental groups that are saying there's no scientific data that shows that the ocean wind activities are causing the whale deaths,” said Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera.

”Brigantine City Council agrees there's no scientific data, and that is exactly the point we are trying to make. We need more scientific, fact-based data before anything can be confidently determined about the cause of these whale deaths. And, until we have that data, isn't it worth pausing these ocean wind projects which could potentially have major long-term impacts on our marine mammal populations,” said Sera.

Sera underscored that the Brigantine resolution to pause is not about agreeing or disagreeing with the offshore ocean wind development projects.

Sera and City Council want a proper study to be conducted to determine the potential impact on whales and other marine life.

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