Last year power outages swept through N.J. due to that freak storm around Halloween.  With another freak storm approaching we should be prepared for the worst.

Last year there were over half a million New Jersey residents with power courtesy of that nor'easter.  many people went s days, even weeks, without having any power.  Warnings are out that Hurricane Sandy could bring major power outages all along the Atlantic Coast, so this weekend is your chance to be prepared.

Now you may decide that your place in South Jersey is not worth staying around during the storm because of flooding, which means you are securing the home and heading to higher ground.  Should you be staying at your home during the this severe weather and the power goes down, some things beforehand will be helpful:

1) Generator -- Expect many places who sell them to be selling out this weekend, so if you do not have one and are thinking about buying one ..... don't think, act!

2) Alternate Light Sources -- Several flashlights and candles would be recommended, especially if you are not owning a generator.  Oil lamps would be useful here, just keep them away from anything flammable.

3) Batteries -- Most flashlights are only as good as the batteries you have.

4) Load up the Ice -- Store some of the food in a cooler if you have one with lots of ice. Freezer packs can be helpful here as well.

5) Safe Water -- Don't be shocked if bottled water disappears from the shelves this weekend.

6) First Aid Kit -- You cannot be too safe in any emergency.

7) Non-Perishable Food -- Some businesses could be shut down for days if this storm is as severe as they suspect.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has their checklist that you can check out by clicking here.

Above all be safe during this upcoming stretch, and keep listening to SoJO.


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