When it comes to the future of Bader Field, we have told you about a few options for the vacant airport.  Today, the wheels could be moving towards a real possibility.


Negotiations are underway between Atlantic City officials and Bader Field Sports LLC to develop Bader into a sports complex.  The company was one of four that submitted proposals on April 14.


This 'sports complex' could consist of turning the peninsula into 'a world-class destination for multisports, including soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey and more,' according to its proposal.

The proposal said fields 'will be located both outdoors and indoors inside a proposed new air-supported dome structure.'  (Press of Atlantic City)


The proposal also included It also proposed 'construction of a senior citizen center, college dormitories, classrooms, (a) boardwalk promenade, several restaurant pads along Albany Avenue and possibly (and my favorite) an indoor waterpark.'


Of course, this would involve A LOT of construction, but it's better than nothing.  What do you think about this proposal? Feel free to comment below....

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