The last time I was at Bader Field, I was sliding down slides and running through obstacle courses at the Insane Inflatable 5k.  Since then, I just drive by it when I head to work.  It sits there, empty.  


I know we've heard this several times, but plans are underway.  Today, we have a date set in motion. A deadline for the latest round of redevelopment proposals is set for next Tuesday, April 14, and many options will be discussed and reviewed.


More entertainment? Housing? Another Glenn Straub idea? No, really.  The Florida Real-Estate Developer, now owner of Revel Casino, is in the mix as well. He wants to turn Bader back into an airport that will cater to regional jet travel. Straub has said he will submit a redevelopment plan for the property by next week’s deadline. (Press of Atlantic City)


Progress is coming, and judging by the news that we've received in the last week, the progress we want could be coming sooner rather than later.  Despite what you may have heard, Atlantic City is being reborn, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

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