Last week we reported on Autumn, the Rottweiler with bone cancer. The cancer, which started in her knee, moved up to her lungs. She was given up by her family after spending most of her life living outside. The Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge took her in to make her comfortable for her final weeks.

RBARI now has some good news for the dog that stole the hearts of everyone in the state. Autumn is no longer in the refuge and has found a lucky home.

After her story went viral, calls went out to Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge from all over the state. Everyone wanted to adopt Autumn. Who wouldn’t? She is precious.

We wanted to check in to see how Autumn was doing and noticed her Petfinder page was taken down. This brought mixed feelings, was everything okay?

RBARI posted this on Facebook Saturday.

It warms our heart to see Autumn happy and comfortable. The refuge was able to find a home where Autumn is the only dog and is experienced in taking care of a dog like Autumn.

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