If you think so, you may be suffering from 'clinical lycanthropy'.

Some days I feel like a cat. Literally, I feel like I take on the characteristics of a feline. I don't want to be bothered (but yet you better not be paying attention to anything BUT me), I want to sleep all day, and I want other humans to bring my food to me. Other days I wonder if maybe I was a cat in a former life. But I don't think I'm actually morphing into an animal in the way, say, storyteller Franz Kafka imagined in 'The Metamorphosis'.

According to PsyBlog.com, clinical lycanthropy is 'the belief that the person has, or is in  the process of, turning into an animal'. And it’s not just the obvious animal, like a wolf. Published cases of the mental illness include people believing they were turning into frogs, cats, horses, birds, hyenas, and even bees. Luckily, this condition is very rare.

SOURCE: Psy Blog

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