Chad Vaccarino, one half of the breakout pop duo A Great Big World, has shared that he is battling the life-threatening disease Multiple Sclerosis.  But he's also revealing how he's been able to fight back and improve his quality of life, which includes making music.

I was saddened but not entirely surprised to hear about Chad's diagnosis.  Last August, before A Great Big World hit it big with their chart-topping 'Say Something', featuring Christina Aguilera, Chad and his musical partner Ian played for SoJO fans at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing.  We bonded over our love of organic food, and I even steered Chad and Ian to Celina's Mulberry Market in Galloway so they could grab some fresh and healthy lunch before they went back to New York.

Little did I know Chad, who learned he had MS while in college, really needed that organic meal because eating clean is part of his holistic regimen for keeping his body healthy and fight against Multiple Sclerosis.  Chad feels sticking to the Paleo Diet of mostly lean proteins and organic fruits and veggies is what keeps him symptom-free.


D Dipasupil/Getty Images
D Dipasupil/Getty Images


Being symptom-free is a crucial part of Chad's being able to tour the world in support of A Great Big World's music, he needs all the strength and energy he can get.

Your friends here at SoJO 104.9 are thinking of you Chad!

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