Every few years a funny-as-hell news interview goes viral, usually because of just how perfect the interviewee comes off on camera. Think Antoine Dodson (hide yo kids, hide yo wife), Sweet Brown (ain't nobody got time for that), and so on...

Well, we may have found 2015's viral sensation, and it turns out he's a pretty big fan of your Philadelphia Eagles.

Meet Jackson, Mississippi's “Piece of Burger Guy" -- we'll give full credit to our friends at KLAQ-FM in El Paso, Texas for dubbing him that. The man gave an interview to a local television station following a car crash on June 8th, but his animated account of what happened quickly became the real story.

Must-see eyewitness descriptionSHARE THIS GREAT UPDATE!: Police Officer injured in crash could be released from the hospital today.We now have a better idea exactly how the wreck happened thanks to a MUST-SEE description from a person who claims to have witnessed the whole thing>http://shout.lt/5zC7

Posted by WLBT 3 On Your Side on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

As you can hear him say, he was just on his way to get “a piece of burger from Burger King” when he saw the accident and stopped because, according to him, “Cuz when I seen the accident, girl, I just began to be nosy.”

So everything about the interview is great, especially the guy, well everything except the fact that someone got hurt in a car accident... but can we talk about his Eagles hat? How about his Eagles-themed nail polish and either Eagles or Seattle Seahawks-themed hair?

In all seriousness, we do hope all involved in the accident are okay.

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