You may not be around to watch the 4th hour of the "Today" show on NBC, but setting the DVR should be a must when Kathie Lee Gifford gives you moments like her recent dog episode.

You may remember back in May Gifford's foot-in-mouth moment with Martin Short and his wife (who had died 2 years earlier from cancer), or her legendary drinking while working with Hoda Kotb (which got messy with Beer Hats in Quebec one time).  Well yesterday saw the veteran talk host have a moment playing with some very cute puppies, and it went a bit wrong.

Check out Kathie Lee's slippery fingers in another memorable moment in her Today show life:

The puppy is OK, Kathie Lee is a wreck, and Al Roker got the last word when he told E! "Kathie Lee dropped her like a box of wine!"

Speaking of wine, here is a classic Kathie Lee moment as she shows Hoda her talent with a hula hoop around her body and a glass of wine in one hand - Enjoy!


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