Thousands of dogs in China are killed every year for their meat. Now, three of them are safe inside a no-kill animal shelter in Camden County.

The Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees took in the trio of pups, named Maggie, Shanbao, and Aman, after they were reportedly rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade, reports.

Shelter volunteer Lori Topiel recently rescued her own dog from a similar fate, and connect the AWA with the group that brought Maggie, Shanbao and Aman to safety.

The dogs will reportedly be available for adoption soon. Donations are being accepted here.

I'll be honest, it was hard getting through writing this story through a wave of tears in my eyes. I can't imagine these beautiful animals being tortured, their meat sold, and consumed as some horrific delicacy. There is reprehensible, annual festival in China called Yulin, in which the killing of dogs becomes a sport and celebration.

Sincere gratitude goes out to the organizations that go to great lengths to save dogs from this barbaric practice.

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