My heart can't help but break for all the animals here in South Jersey that don't have a warm and cozy home to call their own.

That's why it's so sad to hear about all the abandoned pets we have in this part of the Garden State. Most recently, the folks at Shore Animal Control based in Seaville, Cape May County, have shared that dog dumping has become more and more common in this region over the last few years. How can anyone's ears, or heart for that matter, bear that?

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As unfortunate as that is to hear, that's what they shared in a recent Facebook post. We know it to be true, though. For example, we shared the news just last week about a whole litter of kittens abandoned at the Funny Farm Rescue in Mays Landing. They're over capacity at the moment, by the way, so if you're here because you're unsure of where to surrender your animal(s), don't do it there.

With that being said, if you or anyone you know does need to surrender a pet, don't just leave it out in the wild to fend for itself. Once an animal is domesticated, it's cruel to expect them to just pick up and fend for themselves as if they've always done so. If worst comes to worst, reach out to rescues and shelters in your area, preferably no-kill shelters, that have room and are willing to take in your pet. If you choose to re-home them yourself, make sure you're properly vetting all candidates. You don't want your pet going to an unfit home.

As a mama to two amazing rescue dogs myself, it's heartbreaking to hear that pups are being dumped outside without a care in the world. If you see someone attempting to dump their pet, the folks from Shore Animal control suggest that you contact the police immediately.

Source: Facebook

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