A woman is walking 80 miles from South Jersey to Trenton while pulling a casket, to raise awareness of mental health issues.

CBS News reports, Greta Schwartz started her 80-mile journey on Monday with water strapped to her back, and a wooden casket fastened around her waist.

On the casket reads the word 'revolution' and the names of 70 people who have committed suicide. According to Greta, "I can't just sit around, [sic] This is happening. I have over 70 names. That's just people I have a connection with. Not even strangers."

After personal experiences dealing with mental health issues, she knew something had to be done.

Along her journey, at least a dozen people came out during her walk to share their personal stories about lost loved one due to the disease.

Hopefully her journey form Seaville to New Jersey's capitol will bring awareness within the state. Currently New Jersey has a lower suicide average according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Learn more about Greta and her journey on CBS News.

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