Animal control officers are investigating after a man TOSSES another driver's dog out the car during a road rage incident. Seriously?!

We've all fallen victims to road rage situations, one time or other. Never has there been a situation where I feel tempted to THROW SOMEONE'S DOG OUT THE CAR!

Courier-Post reports the video was posted to on Sunday, showing a third party recording the two drivers fighting with each other.

You can watch the video by clicking here, which I suggest you do because it's shocking.

The driver in the red Honda not only shoves the other driver to the ground, he actually walks up to the Toyota van, reaches in for the dog, and tosses it! Like a bag of potatoes!!

Luckily the dog appears to walk back to the Toyota, but reports say a woman is heard yelling 'the dog is dying.' Authorities in Montclair, NJ have zero idea when the incident occurred, but they are starting the investigation.

Reportedly, the a**hole who tosses the dog may have been a Lyft driver. A Lyft spokesperson, says the driver has been deactivated.

Hopefully more action against this person is to follow!! Read the full story on Courier-Post.

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