Watch this video showing road rage at its absolute finest, as this BMW tries to pass a school bus...and ends up on its side.

Last week, Mike and I were talking about driving pet peeves. One of them is definitely people who are TOO impatient to pass!!!! Seriously, wait your damn turn like everyone else.

So I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this video of a BMW trying to pass a school bus in upstate New York. Not only is this person a jacka**, but the driver definitely got their karma handed to them!

This person's BMW crashed into the concrete barrier and remained on its side after it tried to creep on the school bus's side. There doesn't seem to be any harm done in the video, but the driver says "I thought there was another lane!"

Well maybe you should have waited!

Watch the video below, and please feel free to tell us your road rage stories:

Source: NBC New York

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