In the wake of recent racial unrest in the United States, and the Washington Redskins in the process of changing the team's name out of respect for Native Americans, Absegami High School may take a similar stance.

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Absegami High School is known as 'Home of the Braves'. The school itself was named after a tribe of Lenape Native Americans who lived in what is now South Jersey. The school sports teams' logo is that of a Native American Native wearing a headdress of black and white features.

But even as unassuming as the name and logo might seem, Absegami is considering moving away from using Braves, often viewed as an offensive term, as its mascot.

Steve Fortis, the Athletic Director at Absegami tells Press of Atlantic City that the name change is currently under review, is something the school has been thinking about for some time, and that there is a certain amount of support from the Galloway community.

What are your thoughts about Absegami dropping 'Braves' from its school name? Let us know in the comment box below.

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