The tune is undeniable. One of the most vivid sounds of summer for many of us is the sound of music that comes from an ice cream truck. I have so many memories of dropping everything and running like a lunatic to catch up with with the ice cream man. 

Well, those sounds of summer might be a thing of the past this summer in Avalon, as the borough is considering an ordinance to ban the sale if ice cream on the beach according to the Press of Atlantic City. Other goods sold on the beach by peddlers would also be prohibited.

The ordinance will be a topic of discussion along with public comments during the next scheduled council meeting this Wednesday. The main reason for the ordinance would be for safety concerns for pedestrians near the beach and the ban on the music would be for disruptive purposes caused by the playing of music.

Residents near the beach have complained about having to the hear music, bells and whistles and having ice cream trucks on their streets all day long.

Would you like to see this ban go into effect? Take our poll and let us know.




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