Say it ain't so! That pumpkin spice obsession of yours is taking a little more out of your pocket.

According to NY Daily News, retailers recognize the growing trend (I mean who hasn't at this point) and are getting as much money out of it as they can.

Financial analysts are coining it as the "pumpkin tax," but there's nothing sweet about it. For some products, consumers are paying $1 more just for their favorite fall drink.

MagnifyMoney, a financial information site, gathered data comparing pumpkin products to non-pumpkin products to see how it checked out at different shops and markets. What they found was that pumpkin products were taxed 8% to 133% compared to non.

For instance, Starbucks, the OG when it comes to creating the PSL, charges $1 more for their pumpkin spiced lattes. Target's pumpkin tax is at 14%! But you'll be happy to know McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts do NOT place a tax on these products.

You can read the full breakdown of how pumpkin spice is eating at your wallet on MagnifyMoney. Besides, this won't deter you from enjoying your pumpkin flavored/scented items.

It just sucks that we're paying extra for it.

Read the full story on NY Daily News.

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