After eight long years of talking, and even a lawsuit, another Walmart is making it's home in South Jersey.

If you live in Little Egg Harbor Township, you've known this was going to happen for quite some time.  The question has always been, when?

In June 2011, the township Planning Board approved plans for the construction of the Walmart store, but that approval was appealed twice by township resident Melissa Maleshevitz. Those appeals were defeated at the Ocean County Superior Court and New Jersey Supreme Court Appellate Division. Last fall was the end to the years of litigation when the state Supreme Court refused to hear the case after being petitioned.

After the Planning Board approval in 2011, the store was projected to be more than 161,000 square feet and located on Route 9 at Otis Bog Road on a parcel that is an abandoned sand pit of about 70 acres.


Whether you agree or disagree of having a Walmart on Route 9, consider this, it will provide jobs for hundreds of people.  It will provide a better shopping variety, and a little competition for a certain Acme Market that is also located on Route 9.


Plus, if you live in Little Egg Harbor Township, you won't be driving twenty minutes to your closest Target store.


While the retail giant says it's moving forward with the construction of 'Wally-World', there is still no word on when officials will be breaking ground.


So, we'll probably be talking about this again next year.  Cheers!