When Jelani-Bem "JB" Garrett was diagnosed with leukemia last September and became weak from the arduous treatment for the disease, he never complained - choosing to maintain a positive attitude and continuing to attend Egg Harbor Township High School whenever he was strong enough.

JB Garrett finished his senior year at EHT High and graduated with his class in June. He died on Sept 21, at age 18, after a yearlong battle with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

It was that positive approach to life and JB's ability to really connect with people that made him so popular with his fellow students, friends, and teachers. His obituary takes pride in pointing out what a special guy JB was.

"He had a special light. It seemed like people knew him everywhere he went.... JB was witty with a great sense of humor. JB was always the DJ at Garrett Family gatherings. He was always super cool and had star power and magnetic attraction as the people he touched loved him dearly."

JB, who was the youngest of five children in his family, is also being remembered for his natural gift for music and how much he loved to play drums with his uncle Freddie B.

I didn't have the pleasure of ever meeting JB, and that makes me sad because he sounds like that extraordinary type of person that makes life's journey so wonderful.

I am left wondering how people who have such extreme personal burdens can still shine such a positive light and why it seems as though so often the good die young.

JB Garrett's funeral services will be held on Saturday, Oct. 2.

Condolences to JB's friends and family

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