Are we excited about this news? As if.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Clueless, one of the most successful and beloved comedies of the 1990s, will attempt to become one of the most successful and beloved comedies of the 2010s (or 2020s if development goes slowly). Yes, Paramount is back in the Clueless business:

Paramount Studios is hiring Marquita Robinson, a writer and story editor on Netflix’s GLOW, to pen the script for an update to be produced by Tracy Oliver, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Oliver is best known for writing Girls Trip.

Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone and written and directed by Amy Heckerling, grossed $56 million in theaters in the summer of 1995 and then went on to become a staple of cable television. It also spawned a fairly successful TV sitcom; Clueless aired for three seasons and 62 episodes on ABC and UPN. (UPN used to be a thing; ask your parents. Or at this point, maybe your grandparents.)

With its very detailed ’90s California girl slang, Clueless became one of the most quoted movies of its era. Certainly there is room for an update there, using the lingo that these kids today, with their snaps and chats and their pumpkin spice lattes, like to speak with. It’s going to be awfully hard to recapture the magic, though.

Apropos of this news, yesterday someone alerted me to this awesome online T-shirt shop that sells shirts that look like the title cards of famous female directors — like Heckerling’s from Clueless. That is awesome, and I want one, and I also want them to make shirts like this lots of other directors, both male and female.

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