created a list of twenty movies that turn 20 in 2015.  I must say, I felt old reading this list.  I kept saying 'I remember when that movie premiered!'.  Brace yourselves, you're going to be in denial.








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    I'm paying tribute to the late Robin Williams here.  I'm also paying tribute to the one of the coolest movies he was ever a part of.  In this scene, Robin asks what year it is.  A young Kirstin Dunst responds with '1995, remember?' (ahhhhh!!!!!!)

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    Apollo 13

    I actually remember where I was when I first saw the TRAILER to this movie.  You probably do too.  All you have to do is hear Tom Hanks say 'Houston, we have a problem' and it will all come back to you.

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    Toy Story

    Pixar has made a few sequels and short movies since the debut of Toy Story, but the original film was always the best.  By the way, a fourth installment of the series is coming to a theatre near you in 2017.

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    One word:  Frrreeeeeeddoooooommmm!!!!!

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    As If!