October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  But the thought of being subjected to your first, or follow-up, mammogram may scare you away from a screening.  But take it from me, and NickMoms.com, there actually are things even more unpleasant than getting one.

I had my first baseline mammogram earlier this year.  Don't get me wrong, it was definitely uncomfortable, but well worth the peace of mind.

9 Things Less Pleasant Than Getting a Mammogram (according to NickMoms.com):

#9--Attempting to install a car seat

#8--Trying to finish that stupid project from Pinterest you never should have started in the first place.



#7--Nursing an infant who just discovered his new teeth.

#6--Biting your tongue during an extended mother-in-law visit.

#5--A DIY bikini wax.

#4--Putting Spanx on, taking Spanx off.

#3--A kid-propelled grocery cart hitting your Achilles

#2--Excruciating blisters in the name of cute, impractical footwear.

Screening for Breast Health--My First Experience by Heather DeLuca

And the #1 more-unpleasant-than-a-mammogram thing is:

Hearing other women talk in elaborate detail about their mammogram.

**It's important to examine your breast health.  Early detection does save lives.  Use this Breast Cancer Awareness month as a good excuse to get a mammogram, as many facilities are offering free screenings.  You owe it to yourself, and to those who love you.