If you grew up near the Jersey Shore, you probably learned the phrase, "a week at the beach", by age 3. It's a common response given to co-workers and fellow students when they ask what your plans for the summer are.

We visited HomeAway.com to look at 9 rentals from the Jersey Shore we think you'll love!

  • Megan Conway via HomeAway.com
    Megan Conway via HomeAway.com

    Ocean City

    This 5 bedroom 5 bathroom home is AMAZING. It sleeps 12, so extended family and friends can come along for your vacation! With the beach directly across the street and the boardwalk not too far. Did we mention it has a ping pong table?

  • Steve Laskarides via HomeAway.com
    Steve Laskarides via HomeAway.com

    Atlantic City

    Nothing says beach house more than brightly painted walls. Thats exactly what you'll find in this house! Green, orange, yellow, and blue make up the fun inside this beautiful 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home. Sleeping arrangements for 14 mean you don't have to choose who you tell about your rental! Everyone can come and enjoy!

  • Stevey & Gina via HomeAway.com
    Stevey & Gina via HomeAway.com


    Slightly smaller than the first two on this list, this home sleeps 8, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Only 3 houses away from the entrance of the boardwalk on 24th St, you have everything you could ask for right outside your door.

  • Jakob Mortensen via HomeAway.com
    Jakob Mortensen via HomeAway.com


    The Beach is right outside, Seriously! About 10 steps outside and you're on sand! 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, sleeping 10, is what you can find in this gorgeous home. This is a great home for kids with 2 bunkbeds and smaller beds. Definitely a family vacation spot you will love!

  • Peter via HomeAway.com
    Peter via HomeAway.com

    Stone Harbor

    As the second house from the Stone Harbor beach, why would you look for any other house here? With 8 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, you better have a lot of friends for this one; it sleeps 32 people! This home has off-street parking for up to 8 cars, so no need to cram your entire posse into one or two cars. Don't worry about beach tags or towels, the owners have you covered. All you need is a will to play in the sand!

  • Patty via HomeAway.com
    Patty via HomeAway.com

    Seaside Heights

    Ever Heard of a Dune Deck? Us either. But this place has one and we're here for it! With hammocks, umbrellas, and beach chairs, it seems like you get the beach effect, but a little further from the water. Not your thing? Keep walking down your private walkway and there is the actual beach. This home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms spread across 3 floors. It's absolutely beautiful!

  • Tammy Lancaster via HomeAway.com
    Tammy Lancaster via HomeAway.com


    This place has an elevator in it..

    The 6 bedroom 5 bathroom home sits directly next to the beach path in Brigantine. It has a beautiful view of the Wildlife Refuge as well! Sit on one of the three decks and enjoy the sound of waves and New Jersey's animal life all while sipping your morning coffee.

  • Jakob Mortensen via HomeAway.com
    Jakob Mortensen via HomeAway.com

    Sea Isle

    This 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home has not one but two master suites! Three decks overlook the beach that is just steps out your door. With a stainless steel grill, you can have outdoor gatherings with great food and friends!

  • PROWE Enterprises via HomeAway.com
    PROWE Enterprises via HomeAway.com

    Cape May

    Although smaller than the others on this list, this 2 bedroom 1 bathroom has views to die for. Right on the beach, this simple home allows you to enjoy your peaceful vacation.

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