You know those people who wake up early feeling energized and awake? If you can't relate, then this list of 8 signs might mean you're not a morning person.

I wake up every morning at 3 AM to make it in time for show prep on The Mike Show. One of the most frequent phrases said to me is: "wow! you must be a morning person!"

Truth is, I'm really not. In fact, I am the grouchiest person when I wake up in the morning, and am not fully functional until maybe 8 AM. Luckily I love my job (and also have to pay bills) so, sleeping in is no longer an option.

The following list goes out to my other non-morning people:

  • 1

    You Have Six Alarms on Your Phone

    and maybe an extra two on your clock radio. Either way, you sleep through all of them

  • 2

    The Snooze Button is Your Sworn Enemy

  • 3

    You've Chosen Sleep Over Looks

    Look good for work, orrr get an extra 15 minutes of sleep? Sleep

  • 4

    Getting Annoyed by Happy Morning People

    It's 8 in the morning, how are you so perky?

  • 5

    Then You Get Coffee and Everything is OK

  • 6

    Plan To Go To Sleep Earlier Tonight

    Because, maybe you'll be happier the next morning

  • 7

    Instead You Stay Up Doing Everything BUT Go To Bed

    Sure, let's listen to every single Taylor Swift Album right before bed

  • 8

    And Go Through It All Over Again

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