We all know the struggle of finding that perfect costume, and with so many great South Jersey icons and films, there are plenty of ways to show your hometown pride this Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching, so don't wait too long! We've cut out some of the planning and came up with a list of some funny, scary, and most of all, awesome Jersey costumes you can try this year!

  • Cindy Ord Getty Images for SiriusXM
    Cindy Ord Getty Images for SiriusXM

    Miss America

    Throw on that sash and place the crown upon your head. It is no surprise that one of our ideas is to transform into America's own beauty queen!

    Now that she is back home in Atlantic City, she is a perfect contender to make a great South Jersey costume. Whether you are a guy or a girl, this costume will definitely be a crowd pleaser.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    The Jersey Devil

    The infamous Jersey Devil is a simple and brilliant costume to try out this Halloween. Everyone in Jersey knows that this little devil has been creating some serious mischief for decades.

    So, get ready to put on those red horns and that signature tail. It's time to bring the Jersey Devil back to life!

  • Mitchell Leff Getty Images
    Mitchell Leff Getty Images

    A Philadelphia Sports Player

    Right across from South Jersey is the epicenter of epic sports fandoms. A vast majority of South Jersey supports Philadelphia sports teams. The Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers players are all up for grabs this year!

    Get ready to put on that war paint and enter the arena, because your favorite sports team costume is going to take home the glory!

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    Lucy the Elephant

    An icon of South Jersey, Lucy the Elephant. Although she is a statue, she will make a perfect costume for you!

    Transform yourself into the adorable elephant with some cute ears and a gray outfit. You'll make Lucy very proud on Halloween!

  • Michael N. Todaro Getty Images
    Michael N. Todaro Getty Images

    Governor Chris Christie

    Politics has been a major topic on the minds of everyone this year. A particularly famous politician in New Jersey is Governor Chris Christie.

    Governor Christie has been all over the news, especially this summer. No matter what your political views are, this costume will be a hit.

  • Dan Callister , Getty Images
    Dan Callister , Getty Images

    "Jaws" aka a Shark

    The movie "Jaws" came out over 40 years ago, but still scares audiences today. So many great characters, lines, and scenes were brought to life in this classic horror film. The story actually took place on the shores of South Jersey!

    You could go as Chief Martin Brody, Quint, Mayor Larry Vaughn, or even the shark! You and your friends can also go as a group and assign people characters from the film. It's sure to be a fin-tastic time!

  • Kevin WinterGetty Images
    Kevin WinterGetty Images

    "Friday the 13th"

    Another awesome horror film came out in the year 1980 called "Friday the 13th". The story takes place right here in New Jersey!

    There are many characters to choose from like Jason, Mrs. Voorhees, Alice, Marcie, Annie, Jack, Bill, Brenda, or Ned. The films popularity has definitely not died out over the years, but your costume will surely make people die of fright!

  • William Thomas Cain Getty Images
    William Thomas Cain Getty Images


    Saving the best for last, a fun costume idea for this Halloween is going as a Pork Roll or a Philly Cheesesteak! The creativity to this costume is endless.

    These costumes are fun and easy to make. South Jersey loves both foods, so whichever you pick, you'll have people drooling either way.

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