What do these 7 things on Wife Karin's nightstand say about her? Other than she's messy.

I swear that I didn't arrange or plant any of these items on Wife Karin's nightstand. Also, this is about the cleanest and most organized her nightstand has been in months.


Night Stand numbered


1. Walmart  generic cocoa butter lotion

2. A purple iPod mini

3. Garnier Fructis Fexible Control haispray

4. Valentine's day packet of Sweet Tarts (I took this pic in July)

5. Shout stain remover

6. Purple "Bingo Feaver" bingo card marker

7. A 4 pack package of original flavor Slim Jims


The rest of the stuff, I figure, is pretty normal - like the pen, remote control, makeup kit, chargers, ect.  Additionally, I had to Google if NIGHTSTAND is one word or two words. Apparently, both are acceptable.

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