A lot of people in South Jersey are finding love this summer, and it is truly a beautiful thing. However, there's bound to be uncomfortable firsts and conversations that happen in the beginning. Don't worry, though. Everyone goes through these.

We've come up with a list of awkward moments that probably have happened at some point in your South Jersey relationships.

  • 1

    Your First Wawa Run Together

    When you and your significant other accidentally graze hands as you both reach for the touch screen ordering system. Then there's that awkwardly frantic "no, you first" routine.

    Don't worry, though. In time, you'll have each other's Wawa orders down to a science.

  • 2

    Experiencing the Beach Together

    Sand is not cute when it's caked in your swimsuit. You will also never live down not thoroughly putting sunscreen on your boyfriend/girlfriend's back.

    Yes "The Notebook" and "Dear John" makes the beach look romantic, but the first time visiting on a date can get a little stressful.

  • 3

    Sitting in Jersey Traffic

    The first time driving together on the AC Expressway will really test each other's trust. The nervous laughter and jerky driving can stem from feeling butterflies in their stomach.

    If they continue to drive like Ricky Bobby by the fifth date, make sure to tell them if you don't feel comfortable with that.

  • 4

    Hitting a Jersey Pot Hole

    While we're on the topic of driving, South Jersey is notorious for terribly crafted roads. While you and your S/O are driving down the street and hit that first pot hole...expect the worst.

    Between the cursing while changing the tire or him/her screaming at the representative from AAA, anticipate sitting on the side of the road for quite some time. These pot holes can do some serious car damage.

  • 5

    Sharing a Pork Roll

    Everyone knows that pork rolls are delicious! However, they can be a bit messy. You and your S/O will try to be cute and share one, but it will not be as romantic as "Lady and the Tramp".

    Napkins will be a must, and remember you aren't the first one to watch someone have meat juice pour down their face.

  • 6

    The Whole Sports Team Debate

    It has been an age old story of rivalry. Many people in South Jersey love Philadelphia sports teams. You may (sadly) end up dating someone who does not agree with your opinions on the Eagles or Flyers.

    In the case of your S/O liking the Giants or a team opposite of yours, it is a guaranteed awkward conversation after his/her secret is revealed.

  • 7

    Being Compared to the Cast of "Jersey Shore"

    This conversation takes the cake of awkward. Many people from South Jersey are asked about meeting the "Jersey Shore" cast or even get compared to them.

    Your S/O from out of state will no doubt do this, and believe me when I say this conversation is not meant to be had.

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