The Garden State may not be the largest in our nation, but there are a bunch of unique hidden gems that are totally worth a day trip this summer. For you South Jersey-goers, here is a list of interesting places to visit up north.

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    Mt. Tammany - Mt. Tammany, NJ

    Mt. Tammany is an exhilarating hike peaking at 1,526 feet. It boasts a gorgeous view of the Delaware Water Gap at the southernmost point of the Kittatinny Mountains, located in Warren Count.

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    Old Mine Road - Columbia, NJ

    A very historic Jersey artifact, Old Mine Road is known as one of the oldest roads in the United States. Its southernmost point is in Columbia, New Jersey at the Kittatinny Point Visitor Center and stretches 104 miles into Kingston, New York. The pretty part is the 40 miles it covers along the Delaware Water Gap - filled with beautiful views of green mountains and blue rivers.

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    Paterson Great Falls - Paterson, NJ

    Getting a little history with a great view is always a plus. The 77-foot waterfall at the Paterson Great Falls Park is definitely a sight to see in the Garden State. This waterfall actually sparked waterpower development in 1792.

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    Pochuck Boardwalk - Vernon, NJ

    Also known as "Jersey's Stairway to Heaven," the Pochuck Boardwalk at the Appalachian Trail hoists a beautiful walk through vast green ferns and forests. A perfect reason for a day trip up to North Jersey.

  • 5

    NJ State Botanical Garden - Ringwood, NJ

    Nature is beautiful as it is, but artificially tweaked nature is even more unique. The New Jersey State Botanical Gardens consist of themed gardens both inside and outside overtop of 96 acres of Garden State soil.

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