Daylight Saving Time (Yes, it's saving, not savings) ends on Sunday, meaning at 2 a.m., we'll watch all of our devices automatically turn set the clocks back one hour.

It means an extra hour of sleep or partying...and also everyone being out of sorts for a week. It's time to give up the time change in New Jersey, and there's five solid reasons why.

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    It’s deadly.

    It’s a legit safety issue. Studies have shown that fatal car accidents increase in the week surrounding the time change especially in the spring. Sleep deprivation after moving the clocks ahead is the major cause, but there’s also evidence to support an increase in late night driving due to the time change in the fall can also cause an increase in fatal accidents. With the advent of electricity and all, it seems unclear what benefits the time change is providing, but the negative effects are pretty clear.

  • LittleBee80

    It makes people grumpy.

    Have you ever heard anyone say “I love when it gets dark so early!” (Okay, maybe the parents of toddlers who are desperate for their kids to go to sleep, but aside from them, you’re lying if you said yes.) You know why they don't say it? People get sad and cranky when the sun starts to set at 4:30 p.m. It’s one thing to go to work in the dark, but to leave work and have it be pitch dark makes you feel like the whole day is wasted! Is a single hour of natural light at the end of the day too much to ask for?

  • Oleg Kozlov
    Oleg Kozlov

    It messes with kids.

    It’s one thing to mess with an adult’s body clock, but the time change REALLY screws with kids. Keeping a regular sleep schedule is SUPER important for infants, and sure, the toddlers may go to sleep earlier, but now they’re waking up their stressed out parents at 4 a.m. instead of 5! Older kids may have trouble sleeping and find that their schoolwork suffers in the week surrounding the time shift. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!

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    It gives more people the chance to see the sunrise!

    A major complaint about Daylight Saving Time is that the sunrise winds up being later in the morning, but I say that’s a good thing! Why should early risers be the only ones who get to watch the sun come up? I’d be way more likely to enjoy a sunrise if it happened at 8:30! Sure, we’d all feel like mole people wandering around in the dark for the first few hours of the day, but sometimes it’s good to immerse yourself in a different culture, even if it’s mole people culture!

  • It's really breathtaking. (Laurie Cataldo)
    It's really breathtaking. (Laurie Cataldo)

    Arizona and Hawaii do it and everything is fine.

    So technically they do it the opposite way, keeping Standard Time all year instead of Daylight Time, but regardless, both states manage to avoid the time change with no issues. Plus, Hawaii is one of the greatest places on Earth, so… they’re clearly onto something! Sure, we’d have to adjust to surrounding time zones, but I’m sure if they can figure it out, so can we. It’s clearly possible, New Jersey. Let’s be the Hawaii of the East!

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