I can't believe Halloween is right around the corner. Americans are expected to spend a record $9 billion dollars on candy, costumes and decorations. That's a scary amount! Better save up though because we'll be snowballing right into Christmas soon.

Retailers have already begun gearing up for the holidays. Some places even starting their prep at the end of August! Ever year I make an attempt to start my Christmas shopping early, and every year you'll still find me shopping frantically 48 hours before the holiday.

If you have young kids though, you may want to start shopping for this year's hottest toys now, because odds are they'll be gone long before Christmas.

According to NJ Family, these are the top "hot toys" for Christmas 2017:

  • 1

    Hatchimals Surprise

    This was the #1 hot toy for Christmas 2016, and will most likely wind up as the #1 hot toy for Christmas 2017!

    hatchimails via Amazon.com
  • 2


    Another hot toy for Christmas. These baby monkeys respond to sound, motion and touch. If you're planning on bringing a Baby Fingerling home you might want to get one now before the Christmas rush.

    WoWee via Amazon.com
  • 3

    Teddy Ruxpin

    Let's flashback to the 80's with Teddy Ruxpin! It's the official return of this lovable bear newly animated, of course.

    Teddy Ruxpin via amazon.com
  • 4

    Nintendo Switch

    A big new update for Nintendo Switch for Christmas 2017 with all new features for the tech loving boy or girl on your list!

    J & Top via amazon.com
  • 5

    Shopkins Shoppies Super Mall

    This playset is the ultimate hangout  for Shoppies and the Shopkins. This should keep your child entertained for hours!

    Shopkins via Amazon.com