We asked SoJO Facebook fans, 'If you could have one cartoon animal come to life and be your pet, who would you pick?'. Here are the most popular answers.

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I was pretty surprised to see NO ONE chose Mickey Mouse considering how beloved all things Disney are. Doesn't Pluto seem like a good companion? And, what about Sebastian from The Little Mermaid?

I also expected more of you to name Garfield as pet you'd like to have in real life, but maybe he's too lazy and you'd rather keep your lasagna all to yourself, lol.

There were no Tom and Jerry mentions either. So, who did get chosen? Check out our list below.


5 Cartoon Animals South Jersey Would Want for a Real Pet

Check out some other responses on the wall of the SoJO Facebook fan page.

It's clear that, even in the age of CGI and advanced animation, the classics still hold up. Of all the above, I'd definitely put a dog house out back for a real-life Snoopy. Even though I know he'd do nothing but judge my life decisions, it would be worth a lick to the face, lol. For myself, I'd just put Eric Cartman from South Park on a leash, lol.

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