Have you ever been adventurous in trying a new dish when you're out for a bite to eat? I have a tendency to stay in my comfort zone when it comes to ordering food. Sometimes, people make strange and unbelievable things with food.

Here's a list of some truly weird dishes and outrageous combinations that are being served in restaurants all over the Garden State and right here in South Jersey from NJ.com.

According to the list, one strange combination is the infamous Heart Attack Burger being served at the Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City. Order it and you'll bite into mozzarella sticks, corn nuggets, onion rings, fries, bacon and of course a burger, all stuffed into a bun. Sounds delicious but, I may have to pass on this.

If you're really feeling adventurous, how about trying a Cow Tongue Taco at Pancho's Mexican Taqueria in Atlantic City or a Taco Pizza from Tony Boloney's also in Atlantic City.

Finally, how does scrapple pie sound  from the world famous Wards Pastry in Ocean City. The Scrapple Pie is filled with breakfast meat, corn meal and a layer of pot pie covered with strudel and baked golden brown. Now this I'll have to try!

Click here for the full list of some strange and truly bizarre dishes from NJ.com.



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