Ask mom what she wants for Mother's Day and she'll give you the same answer as always, 'I don't need anything, save your money'.  So instead of playing the guessing game (guys, you especially), here are 3 no-brainer gifts that will actually get Mom to say 'I love this' instead of 'You shouldn't have'.

Individually, even just one of these suggestions will bring a smile to your Mama's face.  Give her ALL 3 and you'll have the perfect package!




1.  Chocolate covered strawberries.  Just enough chocolate not to compromise Mom's waste line and yummy berries show her how sweet you think she is.  Remind mom that strawberries are high in antioxidants (wrinkle busters!) and have been proven to help whiten teeth.  Try stabbing them with lollipop sticks like the photo above to make for mess-free nibbling.






2.  Hydrangeas.  These blooming beauties can be found this time of year at most garden centers and come available in pinks, blues, and whites.  This abundant flower plant can flourish in sun or shade and blooms continuously.  A sign of just how big your love for Mom really is!












3.  Fifty Shades of Grey.  This delicious and salacious novel series by E.L. James is sweeping the nation.  It's sensuous storyline even has the attention of Hollywood where movie execs are fighting to bring the book to the big screen.  Mom will feel in-the-know with this gift.  It will also provide her the excuse she needs to shut out the world and read in peace.

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