With "Summer Camp" underway, there has been much to settle before baseball can be played.  Health protocols, contract language, and the schedule of games among them.  On Monday night during MLB Tonight on MLB Network, the Phillies schedule has finally been released.

The Phillies certainly will have their work cut out for them.

Here are some highlights from the season:

  • The Phillies open against the Miami Marlins at home
  • They then return home for a home-and-home series against the New York Yankees
  • There are 20 series total
  • The schedule is not balanced; the Phillies play their divisional foes 10 times total, but the Phillies face AL East teams between three and six games

The breakdown of the opponents is as follows:


  • Marlins: 6 home games, 4 road games
  • Braves: 7 home games, 3 road games
  • Mets: 6 home games, 4 road games
  • Nationals: 4 home games, 6 road games


  • Yankees: 2 home games, 2 road games
  • Orioles: 3 home games
  • Red Sox: 2 home games, 2 road games
  • Rays: 3 Road games
  • Blue Jays: 3 road games, 3 home games

The Phillies will have all of their games out of the way against the Yankees within the first three series; the only time they will see the Rays is when they close the season in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Phillies starter Aaron Nola told reporters on Monday that he expects to be ready for Opening Day.

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