There is literally NO BEER in the world I would pay $200 a bottle for, but some people will!

Samuel Adams has released it's annual Utopias beer. It clocks in at 28% alcohol, which is mighty high according to beer standards, which closer to around 5% for most beers. This high alcohol content makes Utopias illegal in 15 states...BUT NOT NEW JERSEY!! Whoo Hoo!

The other outstanding trait is that it's being sold for $200 to $300 a bottle!

Nope, sorry. You lost me there.


This video was posted on YouTube by Samuel Adams


According to, Utopias is a blend of batches of beer that have been aged for 24 years. Sounds refreshing!

Sam Adams has released 13,000 bottles nationally, of the 10th edition of Utopias.

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