We asked you, our South Jersey listeners about the words you hear people mispronounce the most, and here is the list...




GREENWICH. right way: greenwich (just like it sounds) / wrong way: grin-itch

CRAYONS.  right way: cray-ons / wrong way: crowns

ADIDAS. right way: Ah-dee-das / wrong way: uh-dee-dis

GYRO. right way: yee-roe / wrong way: jeye-ro

PHILLY. right way: fill-ee / wrong way: fiww-ee

BAGEL. right way: bay-gul / wrong way: beg-gul

GUMMI BEARS. right way: goo-mee bears / wrong way: gum-me bears

MOET. right way: mow-et / wrong way: mow-way

CALAMARI. right way: gall-a-mod / wrong way: cali-mar-ee

PEROGIE. right way: puh-dug-ee / wrong way: per-row-gie


What words do YOU hear being mispronounced all the time? Scroll down to comment below or comment back on our Facebook page. Thanks! You are awesome.



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