More and more people are working remotely from home to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Working from home certainly has perks and advantages.

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Here are some tips from the website PC MAG to help you smooth the transition of going to the workplace to your home office.



  • 1

    Keep Your Regular Hours

    This may be a tough one with the comforts of working from home. Set a schedule and stick to it. Have a start and end time to your busy day. Working from home also allows you flexibility with your hours.

  • 2

    Keep Your Morning Routine

    Try to keep your normal schedule and keep your exercise routine if you can. Have a cup of coffee as soon as you begin work to keep your routine intact.

  • 3

    Shower and Get Dressed

    Again, keeping with your morning routine. It may be tempting to work in sweats or pajamas all day but, it may hurt your productivity. Taking a shower is a no brainer especially if you work out or go for a jog.

  • 4

    Set Ground Rules Regarding Your Space

    If you have children, they need clear rules on what they can or can't do during your working hours.

  • 5

    Have a Dedicated Workspace

    Avoid the distractions of setting up your work space in front of your big screen TV or on your couch. Report to your work space as you would to your office.

  • 6

    Schedule Breaks

    Try to keep your same break and lunch schedule as you would during a normal workday in the office.

  • 7

    Keep In Touch With The People Who Need You

    It's a good idea to check in and communicate with your co-workers or management on a daily basis.

  • 8

    Ask For Help If You Need It

    It's important to have the things you need to do your job including computers, printers and home office equipment.

  • 9


    You need to be flexible when trying to communicate including email, making sure everyone has your cell number and answering and returning all calls from work.

  • 10

    Ending Your Day

    Have an end day routine and stick to it. Go for a walk, a jog or take the dog for a long walk after a long day from your home office.

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