As summer is approaching and beach season is among us, it’s that time to remember that as New Jersey residents, we are blessed to have such close access to all the exceptional beaches right in our own backyards!

Not only do our shore towns offer the ocean, boardwalks, games, and prizes but there are other authentic ways to see these towns.

These are some great ways to spend your days down in Cape May if the sand and water aren't for you:

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    Cape May Park & Zoo

    Cape May Park & Zoo is a great place to visit while in the area, not only is it FREE, but you can picnic, trail walk through the park and see hundreds of animals all in one day! It is open from 10 am to 4:45 pm and Wednesdays Cape May Park and Zoo stays open until 7:45 pm.

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    Cape May County Lighthouse

    The Cape May County Lighthouse is a must see! There are full moon climbs where you can travel up the 157’ lighthouse and have a breathtaking closer look at the moon or you can simply have some family fun as you explore the tower.

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    Cape May Carriage Ride

    Have you ever wanted to be pulled in a horse-drawn carriage? Believably the best place to do this is in Cape May, where the authenticity of the Victorian Cape May feeling can become your reality!

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    Jersey Shore Alpacas

    As it seems, Alpacas are interesting animals. You can visit them for FREE at Jersey Shore Alpacas, where there is a donation box on the fence to help support the alpacas. Living in South Jersey, the farm life can be very appealing. Take advantage of a family-fun day visiting the alpacas!

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    Cape May Winery

    Cape May Winery contains over 70 acres that produce over 16 different varieties of grapes! At a low cost you can taste some local wine, sit outside and enjoy a beautiful summer afternoon.

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    Cape May Brewery

    Cape May Brewery has been open since 2011 and features as many as 24 craft beers and other homemade sodas on tap! Not only do they offer tastings and tours, but there are so many events throughout the summer!

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    Cape May Distillery

    Cape May Distillery hosts tours, tastings and retail sales of their products. With a specialty in rum, you can visit Cape May Distillery Friday through Monday 1-5 pm.

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    Cape May Food & Trolley Tours

    Food Tours: Enough with the alcohol, let’s move on to TOURS! There are two choices: Historic Downtown Food Tour or West Cape May Food Tour. It is three hours long with six tasting locations in each tour!

    Trolley Tours: Between ghost tours, historic tours, behind the walls tour and so many more the Cape May Trolley Tours are definitely going to satisfy your hunger for a taste of the Victorian era.

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    Cape May Whale Watcher Tour

    Cape May Whale Watcher Tour has a rich history dating back to 1987 where sightseeing caught on slowly. Captain Ron Robbins decided to leave his fishing rod at home and find the beauty in just watching. Enjoy a relaxing day at sea looking for some of the most beautiful creatures the sea has to offer.

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    Cape May Lewes Ferry

    Take a trip across the Delaware Bay to go shopping or find new restaurants. With a grill on the dock and bars both inside and outside the ferry, you can relax on this lengthy excursion & there is so much to see on this tour!