Honestly, there's no other way to say this, teens are dumb.

There has been a social media trend of kids eating Tide Pods. Why? Refer to the first sentence of this article. Teens are dumb. I really wish there was a way to sugarcoat it, but there's just no point. Clearly these kids are just super hungry so they reach for the first thing closest to them to eat. You should be happy they are doing laundry because clearly that's why Tide Pods are closest to them.

I have the solution, here are 10 things that look like Tide Pods to eat besides Tide Pods.

1. Tide Pod Shot

This one is for all of those over 21. An Irish bar in Pennsylvania created the Tide Pod shot, which actually got banned on Facebook.

The shot is Blue Curacao, white chocolate liqueur, and orange vodka.

2. A Bowl of Fruit Loops

This may take a bit of work, but put orange and blue fruit loops in a bowl and you have got Tide Pod cereal!

3. Blueberries, Orange Slices, and Whipped Cream

If you like the orange, blue, and white color scheme then eat some colorful fruit with whipped cream. Not a fan of the fruit listed? Have mangoes, apricots, cantaloupe, tangerines, or clementines.

4. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I'm going to go with color scheme again on this one, hear me out. You have the buffalo sauce which is orange and blue cheese is white with specs of blue.

5. Tide Pod Donuts

I love how this donut added the small detail of the blue and white filling

6. Oreos

I've seen joke posts pop up of a brand new Oreo flavor, Tide Pods! Yes, they are fake. Side note, if you look up #TidePods on Instagram a message pops up:

Recent posts from #tidepods are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines.

Yup, that happened.

7. Tide Pod Cookies

If you still want to feel like you are a part of this idiotic trend, but don't want to end up in the hospital a bakery came up with a solution.

8. Tide Pod Cupcakes

I love how the internet can take something like Tide Pods and run with it.

9. Cool Ranch Doritos

This may be a stretch, but they are orange (ish) and have blue speckles. That counts right?

Any other REAL food is tastier than Tide Pods.

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