I have friends from all over the country, and when we get together every-so-often to catch up, they inevitably ask me one or more of these 10 stupid questions about New Jersey.




1. What exit are you from?

A: Har har har! You've heard that one, eh? (ahem...parkway exit 42)

2. Does New Jersey really smell as bad as people say?

A: North-East Jersey does, yes. South Jersey and the rest does not.

3. I have a relative in New York, do you know her?

A: Oh yeeeaaaahhhh...I know herrrrr.

4. Why do you live in New Jersey?

A: Gee, I don't know. Why do you live where YOU live?

5. Is everyone in New Jersey in the mafia?

A: Not necessarily...

6. Why don't you sound like you're from New Jersey?

A: Not all people from New Jersey sound like the Sopranos.

7. New Jersey is the Garden State?

A: We have a lot of farms in South Jersey

8. You have rodeos in New Jersey?

A: Yep, the longest running pro rodeo in the USA.

9. New Jersey has a beach?

A: No, we don't have A beach...we have A LOT of beaches.

10. Why are you wearing an Eagles/Phillies hat?

A: South Jersey is basically a suburb of Philadelphia.


Here is another question that has to do with New Jersey. It can only be asked and answered by someone from the state...




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