It’s not uncommon for aspiring actors to keep day jobs while they audition for movies, television shows, and commercials. These jobs are often part-time and offer lots of flexibility, such as catering, waiting tables, and bartending. There are even plenty of cases of famous actors who worked as film and TV extras before they booked major roles. But did you know that there are quite a few celebrities that started out in completely different career fields before making the switch to being a full-time actor?

Before these actors eventually found their way to Hollywood, they held down other jobs, ranging from professional firefighter to morgue beautician. Some of the performers below pursued these careers as a fall-back option in case acting didn’t work out, while others were simply exploring their skill sets fresh out of high school or college. Either way, they all ended up leaving those jobs behind to fully focus on acting, although one in particular still uses his physician’s license to assist with on-set medical emergencies.

While there are plenty of actors who were introduced to the industry at an early age, others took a different path towards stardom. It’s always a good idea to have a hidden talent in your back pocket. Who knows? It might come in handy for a specific role. Below, you’ll learn all about the stars who had surprising careers before transitioning to working in film and television. All of this really makes you think — what if your physical education teacher ends up becoming the next Wolverine?

10 Actors Who Had Surprising Careers Before Hollywood

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