I recently flew from Atlantic City to Florida and could not get over how people act in the airport and on the plane!

That is why I came up with the 10 South Jersey Commandments of Traveling by Airplane.




1. Thou shalt use HEADPHONES when watching stuff on your phone or tablet.

2. Thou shalt keep your CHILDREN quite and controlled. Not everyone in the airport/plane think your child is as adorable as you do.

3. Thou shalt not wear your travel NECK PILLOW as fashion. No need to walk around the airport with it on.

4. Thou shalt not SLEEP, laying across 4 seats at the gate, when waiting for your flight.

5. AIRLINES shalt not leave their passengers stranded from their destination. Ahem...

6. Thou shalt put on actual CLOTHES when traveling. Pajamas aren't travel clothes.

7. Thou shalt not loudly and frequently pepper your conversation with graphic CURSE WORDS while in close quarters on the plane.

8. Thou shalt have your stuff ready when it's time to go through security.

9. Thou shalt not fully recline your SEAT into the person behind you. Just because you can recline all the way, doesn't mean you should.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's armrest.


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