We recently heard the unfortunate news that the Cumberland County SPCA will be closing their doors at the end of 2017. That's why it's extremely important for the animals in the facility to be found proper homes. It is not completely certain what will happen to these animals once this local shelter closes. From cats to dogs and so many more, there is bound to be a perfect pal for you to bring home.

There are so many adorable animals just waiting to be adopted. If you know a friend or family member who would love to add a new member to their house, you could also give one of these lovable creatures as a gift. All of the animals from the Cumberland County SPCA desperately need a loving home.

Check out our list of just some of the furry friends that need homes this holiday season.

  • 1

    Bam Bam

    This little dude is named Bam Bam! He is a Terrier-mix and five years old.

    He is available to adopt at the Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, NJ. The gift of a home for Christmas would definitely make Bam Bam's year!

  • 2


    Horus is a large Pit Bull Terrier. According to petfinder.com, he "may have some lab in his background, as well". Although Horus is a little lacking in training, he is willing to learn.

    He is two years old, so he has time to still make positive changes. If you are interested in adopting Horus, visit the Cumberland County SPCA!

  • 3

    The 'Criminal Mind' Puppies

    These little puppies are perfect to adopt. They are both medium sized, male hounds.

    They are new to the world, and willing to be an awesome addition to your family. Check them out at the Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, NJ!

  • 4


    Rocko is another Pit-Bull Terrier. He is very young, but still a large dog.

    According to petfinder.com, he is staying with a foster home at the moment. However, he is still up for adoption at the Cumberland County SPCA.

  • 5


    Joaney is an adult American Staffordshire Terrier. According to petfinder.com, she is a large dog with lots of love to give!

    You can check her out at the Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, NJ and possibly take her home for the holidays!

  • 6


    Coconut is a fun-loving male Domestic Short Hair. He is a young, medium sized cat.

    According to petfinder.com, "he loves sleeping with his stuffed animal". If you want to bring a Coconut home for Christmas, check him out at the Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, NJ.

  • 7


    Pikachew is a young Tabby. A medium sized male, Pikachew is ready to have a permanent home.

    If you are interested in bringing home Pikachew, visit him at
    Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, NJ!

  • 8


    Eugene is a medium black Tabby. He is an adult, and has already been fixed.

    He is looking for a home this Christmas. If you would love this cat to be a part of your family, go to the Cumberland County SPCA today.

  • 9


    Rowena is a white Domestic Short Hair. She is an adult medium sized cat.

    Nothing would be more special to her than giving her a safe and warm home this holiday season. Please visit the Cumberland County SPCA to bring her home.

  • 10


    Ace is probably the oldest on the list, but still has a number of years left to bring you joy. He is a medium sized Tabby.

    If you want to make Ace one happy cat this Christmas, give him the gift of your love. You can adopt Ace at the Cumberland County SPCA in Vineland, NJ.

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