After 10 glorious and pop-culture changing seasons, the CBS dramady How I Met Your Mother ends tonight.  It got me thinking of all the crazy food-related episodes, like Stinson's disgusting but effective hangover fix, and Slutty Pumpkin.

  • The Pineapple Incident, courtesy CBS
    The Pineapple Incident, courtesy CBS

    The Pineapple Incident

    Who can forget Ted in season one waking up to a mysterious brunette and a pineapple mysteriously perched on his bedside table?  We find out the identity of the woman, Trudy, but never the reason for the fruit.

  • Sumbitches, courtesy CBS
    Sumbitches, courtesy CBS


    It's the mother of all cookies.  In this final season 'the Mother' meets a stressed out Lily on a train, and calms her down with a chocolate and caramel treat the ladies dub 'sumbitches'.

  • Swarley, courtesy of CBS
    Swarley, courtesy of CBS

    Swarls Barkley

    Barney is none too pleased when his coffee cup is labeled with the name 'Swarley' instead of Barney.  Throughout the season two episode the group teases him mercilessly.

  • Madame Chew's House of Dumplings, courtesy CBS
    Madame Chew's House of Dumplings, courtesy CBS

    Madame Chew's

    After Lily moves in with Marshall in season one, she and Robin return to her old apartment to find it's been revamped into Madame Chew's House of Dumplings.  The restaurant makes use of all Lily's left-behind belongings to furnish the space.

  • Slutty Pumpkin, courtesy CBS
    Slutty Pumpkin, courtesy CBS

    Slutty Pumpkin

    In season seven, Ted stumbles upon the legen, wait for it, dary Slutty Pumpkin, a.k.a. Katie Holmes, at a Halloween party.  For many seasons I will convince myself SHE'S the Mother.

  • Minnesota Tidal Wave, courtesy CBS
    Minnesota Tidal Wave, courtesy CBS

    Minnesota Tidal Wave

    Secretly a sipper or wife Lily's fruity, girly cocktails, Marshall finally gets up the courage to order his own in season eight.  He orders what he plans to dub as the 'Minnesota Tidal Wave', only to find out his concoction already had a name: The Robin Scherbatsky.

  • Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir, courtesy CBS
    Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir, courtesy CBS

    Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir

    It's green, it's ugly, and Barney swears it a cure all.  We meet Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir in season nine, and it takes the friends a whole season to recall the ingredients.  Tantrum soda, Funyuns, grease and a banana on their own, but only Barney can reveal the missing component: love.

  • The Regis Burger, courtesy CBS
    The Regis Burger, courtesy CBS

    Meat Cute

    In this season four episode guest starring Regis Philbin, Marshall and the gang are in search of the greatest hamburger in New York City. But Marshall can't remember where he first tasted it eight years before.

  • Buttercup, courtesy CBS
    Buttercup, courtesy CBS

    Build Me Up 'Buttercup'

    After flying solo to a wedding in season one Ted meets Victoria.  He wants to pursue a relationship with her but doesn't know her last name or where to find her, until the bride reminds him the wedding cake was made by Victoria's Buttercup Bakery.

  • Gazola's


    In season five Marshall learns his favorite Chicago pizza joint Gazola's is closing down.  So Ted seeks to road trip and share one last slice with his pal, except Marshall invites Lily.  Ted kidnaps Marshall from his bed and breakfast and sets out to complete his man date.

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